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Credit Union Marketing Agency

With such a competitive personal banking market today, credit unions need strategic marketing in order to get noticed. Because credit unions not only differ from banks, but also from other credit unions, they need the kind of marketing for credit unions that highlights their differentiators and generates new leads.

What are the best strategies available today? What goes into savvy credit union marketing? How can a credit union marketing company help? Here’s a look.

Today’s Credit Union Industry

Because credit unions typically attract specific individuals — those with better credit scores, more credit cards, fewer past-due bills and more debt overall — a big part of their business is finding ways to find new members from this target audience. They are often looking for growth in credit cards, mortgage loans, car loans and personal loans, hoping to reach a younger audience, a bigger audience and/or an audience that will use more services. The challenge in reaching these goals is finding a way to stand out among other credit unions and banks that target the same demographics.

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How a Credit Union Marketing Company Can Help

A credit union marketing agency is a marketing firm that specializes in helping credit unions attract and convert new leads. This can involve a number of different professional services, from Internet marketing to local campaigns. The benefits of partnering with a credit union marketing agency include:

  • Data-driven decisions: Too many credit unions launch marketing programs based on ideas or hunches rather than hard data. A professional credit union marketing firm can research the industry and competition in order to fuel smarter, more data-driven marketing choices.
  • Goal-driven marketing: In order for marketing to be effective, it’s vital to establish goals. Is a credit union looking to attract new, qualified members? Does it want to generate more website traffic that creates new leads? Setting specific goals helps a company measure outcomes from specific campaigns.
  • Strategic planning: Likewise, a credit union marketing firm is able to create an overall marketing plan for a credit union with a defined message, specially crafted content, visual brand management and more.
  • Search marketing: In addition to creating a professional responsive web design, a marketing company can help a credit union promote the website’s visibility through search marketing — both SEO and PPC. This option typically offers a higher average return on investment for credit unions than other options.
  • Email marketing: Email marketing takes the concept of direct mail and makes it easier and more personal, instantly available from any computer or smartphone. In order to be effective, however, email marketing needs to be useful and relevant for recipients. It can be a way to educate, answer questions, share valuable tips and build credibility, all in order to drive new lead conversions.

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