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Case Studies

Our case studies cover many different campaigns, objectives and industries. One thing they have in common:

solid results

Simply Put

Clients come to Straight North because they want more online sales leads. While that’s a clear enough goal, there are 1,001 ways to pursue it, depending on the client’s budget, value proposition, competitive position in the marketplace, and a multitude of other factors.

SEO Case Studies

High organic visibility on Google for strategically relevant keywords is essential for online lead generation. We review the entire keyword universe of your business, and narrow it down to the keywords that show the best promise for conversion. They become the core of your SEO campaign.

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PPC Case Studies

PPC advertising is a powerful way to obtain immediate visibility on Google, and is highly effective in many industries as a standalone Internet marketing campaign or a complement to SEO. Either way, as a Certified Google Partner, we have the skill to execute with maximum efficiency.

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Display Case Studies

Display advertising, which includes retargeting, contextual targeting and site targeting, produces high conversion rates as ads are directed to highly qualified prospects. Our copywriters and designers create ads that turn cool prospects into hot ones.

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Email Case Studies

Email marketing is tried-and-true, and can be used by any business to attract prospects and nurture customers. Our team provides turnkey email marketing, handling everything from strategy to design to distribution to list management.

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Website Case Studies

For most visitors, your website is an introduction to your company - and you know how important first impressions can be. Our team makes sure your first impression is a winning one to help maximize conversion rates and the return on your investment.

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Why do our campaigns achieve such great results?

Because we create fully customized Internet marketing campaigns and responsive websites that incorporate the best strategy to generate leads — instead of the other 1,000 ways that are less than the best. Furthermore, we execute using a proven, detailed, systematic and documented process that ensures all work is done properly and at the proper time.

Straight North specializes in online lead generation for small- and middle-market companies, and we have particular depth in certain industries, including manufacturing, logistics, business services, construction, technology, automotive and health care.

If you don’t see your industry represented in these case studies — don’t worry! Our in-house team of over 60 marketing professionals has seen it all since we opened the doors in 1997. The principles of sound Internet marketing and responsive Web design apply to virtually every business.

To discuss your needs, please call us now at 855-883-0011.

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