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Free PPC Audit

How successful is your current PPC campaign? Our free audit enables you to identify and fix issues that are limiting the effectiveness of your PPC campaign. The results of our audit will help increase your click-through rate, reduce the cost per lead and, ultimately, drive more sales leads and conversions. What have you got to lose?

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Your PPC Audit

As a leading PPC agency, Straight North has been delivering successful results for clients since 2002 — the year PPC marketing was born. Before creating a paid search campaign for our clients, we begin with a PPC audit of their ongoing campaigns.

What do your audit results include? Our PPC experts research and review your account settings, campaign structure, ad group structure, keywords, ad text, destination pages, and tracking.

Our analysis provides important information about your campaign.

The audit includes information on ROAS (return on ad spend), conversion rates, and ad group, copy and keyword effectiveness, and more.

Straight North will help increase the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.

Your PPC audit results allow Straight North to recommend specific adjustments to the budget, bidding, keywords and ad text that will improve your PPC results, and improved results means more qualified leads and increased revenue.


We are among the best PPC companies around. Whether you’re currently running a PPC program and wondering why it isn’t paying off for you, or you’re interested in starting a campaign, you won’t find a better PPC management company than Straight North.

Of all the PPC agencies out there, Straight North alone tracks, validates and reports sales leads in real time. Why is this important? All sales leads are not created equal — in fact, 45% of reported leads are not really sales leads. If your search engine marketing (SEM) company reports all phone calls and form submissions as leads, your “leads” will contain misdials, sales solicitations, customer inquiries, etc. Straight North listens to every call and reads every form to validate your leads. We report — and increase — the number of true (validated) sales leads.

How Our PPC Campaign Management Works
How does PPC differ from SEO? Successful search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex, relatively slow route to top rankings and lead generation. PPC provides a shortcut to the top of the line on Google and Bing. With the right budget and strategy — and the right PPC management service from Straight North — you can obtain immediate high visibility for even the most competitive keywords.

Once your PPC campaign is under way, we track sales leads and collect data that helps us make critical adjustments quickly and efficiently. Based on our evaluation of the quality and cost per lead, we modify your campaign by putting more emphasis (and more of your budget) toward Google or Bing, the ad groups that perform the best and the keywords that generate the most leads. Straight North also determines the most effective campaigns and the best days and times for running your campaign.

Every Straight North PPC client is assigned a dedicated campaign manager with the requisite PPC expertise and outstanding project management and communication skills. Your campaign manager organizes and monitors all your campaign activity and serves as your single point of contact. Other SEM agencies do not offer anywhere near this level of service!

To learn more about our Pay Per Click services or our affordable PPC management pricing, or to discuss your campaign, call us now at 855-621-4166 or request a quote online.