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Corporate Web Design Company

Straight North is a corporate web design company headquartered in the Chicago area. Our clients are small, midsize and large corporations with an interest in developing a corporate website that delivers a rock-solid brand presentation and also generates sales leads.

For corporate website design, we excel because our staff not only has decades of experience building sites, but also because we understand the complexities of online marketing and are able to build sites that support any form of post-launch marketing your firm engages in — SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media and display advertising, to name a few.

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Why Select Straight North for Your New Website

With an outstanding track record of proven results — check out our website portfolio to see examples — we have many strengths as a web development firm that few can match. The most important of these include:

  • A full-time, on-site team of specialists. Our designers, developers, copywriters, strategists and project managers are direct employees of Straight North, ensuring your web design project flows efficiently, staying on time and within budget.
  • Design options for a wide range of budgets. Global enterprises often require complex websites, with a multitude of pages and sophisticated functionality. Other firms may only need a website consisting of a few pages and a simple contact form. We have different project tracks for different requirements, so you don’t overpay for functionality you don’t need and are not forced to compromise on functionality you do need.
  • Fully customized websites. We believe strongly that corporations should not settle for out-of-the box, generic website templates — the negative effect this has on brand image is too great. Whether you need a five-page or 500-page website, we produce a site that is fully customized; yours alone.
  • SEO-ready websites. Whether you run an SEO campaign now or may consider one in the future, having a website that supports SEO is very advantageous for lead generation. Straight North is a leading SEO agency, and our web development staff understands how to build sites that integrate with SEO campaigns (ours or someone else’s). Going to market with an SEO-unfriendly site, even if you are not currently running an SEO campaign, is like entering a fight with one hand tied behind your back. It’s that important.
  • Focus on lead generation. Many of our clients are surprised by the number of leads their new Straight North website is able to produce. On many website projects, lead generation gets lost in the shuffle, with companies devoting the bulk of their time and attention to design and content. But for corporations, a sales lead often represents a five- or six-figure bump in revenue, making lead generation something that should never be overlooked or glossed over in a web design project. With Straight North, that will never happen.

Whether you are in the initial or final stages of your search for a website design partner, please review our portfolio or get in touch.

To learn more about our corporate web design services or get a full project proposal, please contact us now or call us toll free at 855-883-0011.