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SEO for Acupuncturists

Did you know there are people in your community looking for acupuncturists, but they may not know about you?

Every day, potential patients go to search engines and type in terms that could bring them to you - but are they landing on your website or are they going to a competitor? An acupuncturist SEO company can help you maximize these opportunities by using a variety of strategies and acupuncturist SEO services to move your business higher in search results. As a result, your facility would be able to grab the attention of a prospect who searches for "acupuncturists near me" or "(city) acupuncture".

Benefits Of an Acupuncturist SEO Agency

When you partner with professional SEO experts to improve your website's search rankings, you can reap a variety of benefits:

  • Better brand recognition
  • Higher credibility through organic search results
  • Increased web traffic
  • New lead generation
  • Ways to capture prospects at the moment they're looking for you

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The Value of Responsive Website Design

Online SEO starts with your website. You could have the slickest, most beautiful acupuncture website - but if it's not optimized for SEO, your prospects won't find it. To optimize search ranking potential, your site needs to be:

  • Responsive (i.e., designed for a variety of devices, from laptops to smartphone screens), as search engines value mobile-ready sites.
  • Organized with a hierarchy of content that communicates to search engines that pages about "fatigue" and "chronic conditions" are both subpages under "conditions treated."
  • Rich with keywords you want to target, in individualized pages and blog posts.
  • Localized, with clear contact and location information, so search engines know to map you in local search and so prospects are able to find you on the go.
  • Readable by search engines, with alt text added to photos, text accompanying videos, captions, and titles making the most of keywords - readable explanations that give search engines a good sense of what you provide.

The SEO Power in Link-Building

While about 25 percent of good acupuncturist SEO involves on-site optimization through website design, development and content creation, the other 75 percent relates to off-site optimization. In other words, search engines check to see what quality and quantity of links are pointing back to your site when they are determining your site's value, authority and credibility. A professional acupuncturist SEO company will offer several strategies for boosting your clinic's authority online, from creating shareable content to guest posting - all to get search engines to notice and prospects to find you.

Are you interested in driving more traffic to your acupuncturist website? Would you like to increase patient leads so you can build more business? Could the help of an acupuncturist SEO firm make a difference for your facility?

If so, it's time to get serious about SEO. When you're ready to learn more about the value of a professional acupuncturist SEO agency, contact Straight North. You can call us at 855-883-0011 - or request a quote.