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Automotive SEO Company

Want to attract more buyers to your car dealership or other automotive business? By the time they walk onto your lot, car buyers are already well along in their purchasing journey. For most, the first step is to go online.

From there, 59 percent of time the average buyers spend searching for their next vehicle is spent surfing the Web — 63 percent more time than they spend talking to dealers, and nearly 30 times more time than they spend looking at ads and articles in print. Potential customers also typically start online, and do most or all of their research there when looking for other automotive businesses such as auto repair shops.

That’s why automotive SEO services are so important for car dealerships and other automotive businesses. SEO (search engine optimization) is the art and science of making your website more visible in Google search results so that more people find your website when they are looking to buy their next vehicle.

How to Get Hot Buyers (Not Tire Kickers) Online  

You know the difference between the customer who steps into your dealership ready to buy, and someone who is just looking. In order for SEO to be effective, you need more than increased online traffic — you need the right traffic. For that, you need to create a custom, powerful SEO strategy to attract the right buyers to your automotive business.

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Here are a few automotive SEO techniques that will drive more hot leads to your door:

  • Create a mobile-friendly website. Google is all about improving user experience. Because more people than ever now access the Web on mobile devices, they favor sites that are mobile friendly.
  • Pick the right keywords. Users who are ready to buy often use slightly different keywords than those who are starting to look. Better to optimize for the buyers, don’t you think? Also, you want to attract web traffic from your local area. A good automotive SEO company will spend the time to thoroughly research your business and your market, and compile a list of keywords that help the right buyers find you online.
  • Start a blog. Google loves fresh content, so one of the best ways to raise your online visibility and attract traffic to your site is to post blogs regularly. Include new product updates, helpful car tips, and news about your business. Local news that affects car owners is great to include, too, and will help boost your local search visibility. Blogging does take time, but it is a powerful SEO strategy that is well worth outsourcing to an automotive SEO agency if you don’t have the bandwidth to do it in-house.
  • Join local online directories. Are you a member of your local chamber of commerce or business group, or does your municipality have a website that mentions local business? Getting local websites to link to yours is a great way to improve your local Google ranking.
  • Publish articles and guest posts online. Not only will these backlinks raise your site authority with the search engines, but your visitors also will see them as social proof that your business is reputable and trustworthy. Remember, though, to carefully select the sites on which you publish. They should be relevant to your business and your audience, and have significant site authority themselves. For example, publishing a guest post on a popular site for car enthusiasts or homeowners would be ideal. An automotive SEO firm can be a great help in securing opportunities for creating backlinks to your site.

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