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Achieving success in SEO for any business is hard work, but for most HR/recruiting firms, it’s twice as hard.

Your business caters to not one target market, but two — job seekers and employers.

As a result, you need two conversion funnels for your website, two fundamentally different sets of target keywords, two sets of SEO campaign metrics, two strategies for off-site SEO, and possibly, two sets of on-site SEO issues that need ongoing development and monitoring. It’s a tough assignment for any HR and recruiting SEO company.

Things to Look for in Your HR and Recruiting SEO Agency

  • Experience. Since the SEO execution workload is heavier in your industry, it’s all the more important to select an HR and recruiting SEO firm with experience running campaigns for similar clients. If the firm is familiar with the general keyword options and typical campaign implementation issues, work will proceed faster, enabling you to run an effective campaign within a reasonable budget that produces ROI.
  • Skilled copywriting. Creating and marketing on-site and off-site content is a crucial part of SEO campaigns, as it builds the domain and page authority of your website, and is also a major avenue for driving high-quality backlinks. But as you know, writing for job seekers and employers requires very different styles, messages and calls to action. Your HR and recruiting SEO company needs copywriters who are adept at influencing both of your audiences.
  • Web development expertise. This may sound like an odd requirement for HR and recruiting SEO services, but is indeed very important. Whether your SEO agency has direct access to make tweaks to your website or serves in only an advisory capacity, maximizing the SEO-friendliness of your website is vital to success, and also more difficult to achieve given the two audiences your business serves. Key aspects of your website that need attention for SEO include:
    • Strong mobile-friendly design. Job seekers in particular will search for jobs on mobile devices. Deliver anything less than a top mobile experience of your website, and your search engine traffic and conversions will suffer.
    • User experience (UX). Job seekers must be able to navigate their way through job posting with ease. Employers also need to navigate their way to information they need to vet your firm — and each UX setup is unique.
    • Solid lead tracking and validation. With conversions coming in from two pathways — job seekers and employers — phone and web form conversion data must be captured in full, a task that may require some fairly sophisticated setup work on your website. In addition, all conversions must be validated, to separate true leads from other types of conversions such as spam and personal phone calls. Not all HR and recruiting SEO agencies have the technical background to execute or advise on these processes.

The good news is, because SEO in your field is especially demanding, you have a great opportunity to stand above the competition with a properly strategized and skillfully executed campaign.

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