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Movie SEO Company

Each year, more than 6,000 feature films are produced by major film-producing countries. In addition, thousands of smaller-scale movies, videos and films are also created annually.

With this growing competition, movie producers and others in the film-making industry need to ensure their products and services can be easily found online through reliable movie SEO. Working with a movie SEO firm will help your movie(s) rank well in the search engines, and drive targeted traffic to your website and its offerings.

Proven Movie SEO Strategies

While movie SEO is one of the best ways to enhance visibility organically, this particular industry creates unique challenges for marketers to overcome, including:

  • Lack of written content
  • High volume of competition
  • Technology that slows website load times

These proven movie SEO strategies will help your movie production house or filmmaking company overcome these common issues en route to a high search engine rank.

Use Transcripts to Help Video Content Rank

One of the drawbacks to video content is that it lacks text for search engines to crawl. By including transcriptions with the HTML of the pages that host your videos, it allows you to add keyword-rich content to each page. It also gives your users the option to read the information in case they are unable to watch the video. Furthermore, the transcription can help you create additional content for your page — you can use the transcript and video as separate blog posts.

Encourage Linking to Your Site

Links from other authoritative websites back to your site and videos are critical components of movie SEO. Video content that is entertaining, professional and helpful is highly linkable, but you will need a plan to foster links from authoritative, high-ranking sites in your industry. Your movie SEO company will help you create and manage a winning strategy for creating these backlinks.

Consider a Local Component

If your company offers movie-making services to a geographic area, add a local component to your SEO work to ensure you're reaching the intended target audience. By including geo-centric keywords, and improving your listing on business directories and local resource pages, you will increase traffic from searchers within your geographic area.

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Consider Keyword Intent

Many movie companies fall short with keywords because they make one of these common mistakes:

  • Ignoring keyword optimization completely
  • Optimizing for too many keywords
  • Optimizing for keywords that aren't relevant
  • Ignoring local search terms

When performing keyword analysis for movie companies, be certain to consider search intent. Avoid keywords that have high search volume from people who are not potential customers. Work with a movie SEO agency to target keywords with the right search intent.

Use Tags Effectively

Since video content is not written (unless you add a transcript), tags are essential. Make sure the tags are keyword-rich and engaging, including:

  • HTML title tag
  • Meta descriptions
  • Video titles
  • Blog tags
  • Alt tags
  • Headers

With targeted keywords in these areas, combined with other SEO strategies, you will be able to compensate for the limited content associated with movies and videos.

Are you looking for help with movie SEO? Straight North has proven movie SEO services that will organically help improve your rank. Contact us today at 855-883-0011 — or request a quote.